Franchise Support Services

What A Bagel is a well-established brand that provides comprehensive franchise support services to our
franchise partners. Our dedicated and experienced team will provide you with support in all areas of
the business including:


Our comprehensive initial training team provides you with the knowledge you need to start and operate
your business

Highlights include:

  • Hands-on initial training at our training store covering all aspects of the business
  • Learn about every aspect of a What A Bagel operations
  • Food preparation and merchandising
  • General management
  • How to recruit and retain staff
  • Deliver “WOW” guest experiences
  • Hands-on training in your bakery pre and post opening


The What A Bagel operations team will provide on-going operational support that will teach, coach and
mentor you to optimize your business. We periodically monitor operational procedures, guest service
standards, quality control and food safety on a store-by-store basis, ensuring brand integrity,
consistency and optimal efficiencies.

Real Estate

Choosing the right location is a critical to the success of a retail bakery business.  We working with highly
experienced real estate specialists will help choose a location for you that meets our real estate criteria. 
Understanding trade areas, competitive landscape, demographics, traffic patterns, visibility and more
will help determine the best suited real estate.

Design & Construction

We work with third party approved store designer and contractors to provide quality workmanship of
the construction of the premises. This is to ensure that the build out is done to high standards, on time
and on budget.


What A Bagel engages in marketing activities that are focused on driving sales and growing brand
awareness. We employ an omni-channel marketing approach that includes direct mail coupon
programs; in-store materials; social media platforms; and our website. In addition, you will conduct a
location specific grand opening and public relations event. On an on-going basis, you will engage in
location specific programs designed to drive traffic and increase sales within your community.

Supply Chain

What A Bagel ensures the highest quality ingredients and products are available for our menu items.
 Our approved suppliers are carefully selected to provide optimal quality and competitive pricing.
Additionally, all our pastries are prepared in a commissary located in the GTA, flash frozen and shipped
to the bakeries where they are baked fresh daily.

Bank Financing

The Canadian Small Business Financing Program (CSBFP) is an excellent credit facility to finance a What A
Bagel franchise. This program is available at all the chartered financial institutions across Canada.  We
can provide guidance with preparing an application for a business loan.

The parameters of the CSBFP for a new business are:

  • The loan is limited to a 25% personal guarantee of the original loan amount
  • The loan is to a maximum of $350,000.00
  • The loan cannot exceed a 2:1 debt to equity ratio
  • The loan can be amortized for typically a 7-year term
  • The loan can be retired early without penalty
  • The loan is limited to a 25% personal guarantee of the original loan amount
  • The loan has a 2% registration fee of the total loan amount, which can be financed

The amount of the financing available is dependent upon a number of factors, including the bank’s
policies, the credit rating, net worth and relationship with the bank of the franchisee, among other

In preparation for the application for a Small Business Loan, you will be required to provide the lender
with the following information:

  • A personal statement of affairs, prepared on the bank’s form
  • A business plan, including a cash flow projection
  • A copy of your tax assessments for the previous two years

In preparation for the application for a Small Business Loan, you will be required to provide the lender
with the following information:

  • An invoice showing the value of the project including equipment and leasehold improvements
  • A copy of a fully executed Franchise Agreement and Lease
  • A copy of a Certificate of Insurance, naming the bank as loss payee

Once the loan has been approved on a preliminary basis, the lender will be supplied with copies of
signed franchise documents, in order to draw down the funds.

Other financing options may be available, as well.

Become a Franchise Partner

We are seeking qualified individuals who are like minded and aligned with our core values to become
franchise partners and share in our success.  We welcome interest from single or multi-unit operators
and are now accepting applications in key markets throughout Ontario. Prime territories are available!

What we look for candidates who are:

  • Financially qualified
  • Comfortable working within the framework of a franchise system
  • Strong leaders and team builders
  • Business minded
  • Active within the community
  • Passionate about the hospitality industry
  • Committed to CARE – “Creating A Remarkable Experience”
  • Ideally have foodservice or retail experience
  • Hands-on ownership and involvement